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Tax Deduction FAQs

Our goal with the EasyMile Log was to try to make your taxes easier so you can focus on your business. Invariably, though, tax questions do come up. So we have tried to answer many of the questions Small Business owners have about “What is tax deductible”. Some of these questions have nothing to do with the EasyMile Log, but we wanted to help as much as possible. Of course, please contact your personal CPA or tax professional as your specific situation may vary…


What is deductible?

Basically, all the miles you drive which have a business purpose are deductible, with the exception of driving to and from your office. If your office is in your home, than all the miles driven outside of your home (for business) are deductible.

What is the standard mileage rate?

  • 57.5 cents per mile for business miles driven for 2015
  • 23 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes for 2015
  • 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations for 2015

What if I don’t have an outside office, of what if I don’t go to the office everyday?

If your office is in your house, then all business outside of it is a business expense. Same answer if you don’t go to the office. The IRS has two main concerns – 1. Was it driving for legitimate business purposes 2.Your normal commute to your office is not deductible. The IRS is the ultimate single-minded accountant – do you have your documentation?

Do I have to keep all my receipts? For gas, repairs, oil changes, etc?

If you use the standard mileage rate (above), you do NOT have to keep your receipts. If you want to use your ACTUAL costs, including depreciating your vehicle, then you DO have keep the receipts. In either case, though, you will need to be able to track how much you used your vehicle for work/personal.

If I have advertising on my car, doesn’t that make it 100% deductible?

The cost of the advertising is – but not the cost of the car! So whatever it cost to do the paint job is definitely deductible, but the IRS does not agree that driving to the grocery store is deductible since you have an ad on the side of your car. So you still need to be able to document how many miles you drove which were work related vs. how many miles were for personal use.

What if my car is specific for my business? Like a truck for my landscape business?

If the vehicle can be driven for non-business purposes easily, than the IRS will assume that you did. So a pick-up used for business could be argued by the IRS to have been used by you for personal travel as well. It is now up to you to prove otherwise. As an example, the IRS has claimed that tow-trucks could be used for personal travel (imagine taking a date out in a tow truck). You need to have your documentation to prove that the vehicle was used for business purposes only, or they could disallow the deduction.

If I don’t have my documentation, what will it cost me?

It depends on your deduction claim. If you are audited by the IRS (and over 1 million audits happen each year), here is a simple example:

  • You drove 10,000 miles for work, using the standard deduction
  • This would reduce your income by approximately $5,750
  • In the 25% tax bracket, this saves you $1,437 in taxes

If you did not have the documentation, the IRS could force you to repay this amount, plus interest and possibly penalties.

Travel Expenses (not related to your vehicle)
What is deductible?

Again, any travel that is for a legitimate business purpose is deductible. So if you have to travel out of town for business, for training, for a seminar – all the expenses of that trip are deductible. This would include your airfare, meals and reasonable business expenses. The IRS will look to make sure the deduction is not “lavish”, though that term is not defined.

If I travel with a significant other, is that deductible?

Your Travel is deductible, but their travel is not. The shared hotel room is a deduction for you since you would have had a room anyway.

Do I have to keep receipts?

Yes. For meals, receipts can be used, or a daily per diem of $46 per day can be used (without receipts). This limit may be higher depending on the city of travel – check IRS publication 1542 for a specific city.

If I do business on a vacation, is the trip deductible?

The business portion of the trip is deductible, while the vacation is not. For example, if you go to Florida and spend 3 days on the beach and 2 days working (and the work had to be done in Florida, such as meeting clients), then the travel would be deductible, 2 days of hotels and meals would be deductible, but the 3 days on the beach would not.

If I don’t have my documentation, what will it cost me?

See the answer above, as the IRS can disallow any deduction for which you do not have the documentation.

Meals and Entertainment Expenses what is deductible?

In order to deduct Entertainment, the main purpose of the event needs to be to conduct business, business has to be actually conducted, and you had to have more than a general expectation of making money from it. The IRS will look to make sure the deduction is not “lavish”, though that term is not defined.

What is not deductible?

Any expense that does not have a legitimate business purpose is not deductible. Also, expenses related to any Club or Membership are not deductible. So no Yacht club dues or Golf Club Fees are deductible. Also, expenses related to bringing a significant other are not deductible.

Are gifts deductible?

Yes, but are limited to $25 per gift, even if you have a receipt.

Product FAQs

Will this really satisfy the IRS?

At a minimum, the IRS requires you to log where you go for work. If you use the unit properly, the answer is YES. But as with anything else – garbage in = garbage out. If you take trips to the grocery store during work hours or after pressing the W button, make sure the trip was for work. Remember, this was designed by our CPA’s to help you with your filing needs.

Does it run on battery, or do I have to plug it into my car charger?

As with your phone, MP3 player, or anything else, the unit is battery powered and can be re-charged on your computer or in your car. How long the battery last depends on how much you drive. Feel free to use our battery life calculator to get an estimate of how long it will run between charges.

How long can I use the EM Log?

We recommend replacing the unit every 4 years as the data is stored indefinitely.  Eventually, the memory will fill up, so replacing the unit at the 4 year mark will keep it in good operating order.

How long will the data be stored?

Your driving is stored into the unit’s memory. So even if you are audited seven years later and the battery no longer works, you can still get the information from the unit by plugging it into your computer. This data can only be ruined the way any data can on a computer – magnet, water, coffee, dog bite – you get the idea.

What if I don’t want the IRS (or anyone else) to be able to see where I drive outside of work?

We understand that your personal life is just that – personal. In the set-up of the unit, make the selection to not track personal data. Now, when the reports are run, we will keep track of the total miles you drove personally, but not the time or locations.

How long is the warranty?

You have a 90 day money back guarantee – though we are sure you will find that the data is easily accessible and will not want to go back to the old way of tracking your miles.

What is the current deduction rate?

See the following page: FAQ on Tax deductions for your business.

Will my employer be satisfied with your reports if I need to turn in mileage for reimbursement?

The reports generated will show the beginning and end point of your trip, as well as the date and time. If that is the information your employer requests, then the answer should be YES – but please check with your employer as we do not know who they are.

Are there other products that can do this?

Sure there are. But we don’t require monthly subscription fees. We ask for less input by you on a daily/trip basis. We store the information so that you can access it later. Which one is best – that is up to you to decide.

Aren’t there Smart Phone Apps that can do this?

Sort of. Your phone can track the data if you want to turn on the app every time you get in the car – which is hard to do if you are on a phone call and is easily forgotten about. We also know you won’t keep your phone forever, but the IRS can audit you for nearly that long. We try to make the solution easier and more convenient.

Is this available in stores?

Unfortunately, the EM Log is only available on the website. We will let you know if that changes in the future.

What forms of payment do you take?

Please check the Products page for current payment forms, but basically, we accept all major credit cards. Checks and money orders are accepted, but you will need to send it in and wait two weeks while they are processed before your order will be shipped.

Will this product work internationally?

The product was built with the ability to track kilometers(KM) or miles. If the information listed previously satisfies your international jurisdiction, then it will absolutely work.

Does the unit have different languages available?

We are currently developing that function. When available, you will be able to download the firmware update from your computer