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Product Overview / Features (Continued from Home Page)

The easiest set up on the market – plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and drive. Pressing the Work or Personal button tells the unit what you are driving for. The unit’s built-in GPS will then track where you go. Leave it in your car for the year, month, week, day – whatever you want. When you want to know your total miles, just plug it into your computer and print the summary report which can be handed to your accountant for your taxes – or use it yourself with your own tax software. If you ever need to see a trip, look at the detail travel – which then shows each trip individually – starting and ending point, as well as date/time/distance. This is what the IRS would want to see as well – the detailed trips. These trips are stored on the device until you decide to remove them – so you are ready in case you are ever audited.

The unit will track based on the last button you pressed.  So press “work”, then drive from client to client.  When you turn off/on your car, the unit will automatically start/end your trip.  You don’t do a thing.

The EM LOG gets power through its USB cable – either from your computer or your car’s cigarette lighter (our adapter is included). It also has a built-in rechargeable Li Ion battery which can vary in life based upon how much you drive . While you can turn it on/off manually, the unit will turn itself off if it stays in one place for 5 minutes. It will also turn itself back on as soon as it senses power through the USB, or within 2 minutes of it sensing actual movement (like the car starting to drive).

We have tried to make the EM LOG the Easiest Automatic mileage log on the market. Try it and you will agree – it is EASY!

Device Specifications

Please note that device is equipped with auto shut off when not in use, or idle this will allow the battery life to last much longer.

Physical and Performance
Device Size:21/4"x11/4"x3/4" This is about the size of 2 AA Batteries held together.
USB Cable Length18"
Standard Battery Life3-4hrs continuous use (note that unit will turn off when not in use, so actual battery life time will vary)
Extended Battery Life8hrs continuous use (note that unit will turn off when not in use, so actual battery life time will vary)
Software CompatibilityWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8

What’s included in the box

When you buy an EasyMileLog, you get the following components:

  • (1) EasyMile Log unit with battery installed
  • (1) 18 inch USB cable to connect product to computer
  • (1) car charger
  • (1) instructions manual
  • All software will be downloaded through this website

Product Images

EasyMileLog Downloads

EasyMileLog DownloadsDownload LinkRevision Date
Installation Wizard (Call for Instructions: 1-855-254-7572)download08/21/2012
Software ZipDownload ZIP04/07/2016
Software ExeDownload EXE04/07/2016
Software Installation Instructions (Vista Users, Please Read)Download08/02/2011

Replacement Parts

The components listed below are option replacement parts in case you loose, or misplace an item.

  • 18 inch USB cable – $5.00 (plus S&H)
  • Car Charger with USB connector – $8.00 (plus S&H)